5 years on…

Hello Tribe,

This is my first blog post for 2019. Honestly, there is some shame trying to creep in… And I have just kicked it to the curb. Because I know, that you know what the busyness of life can be like. So, thank you.

This morning, Facebook popped this reminder on my feed. A pic of the girls and I in 2014. At the Aquarium.

Look how little they are! 🙂

Immediately, my thought was that we had been on our own for 2 years already. We had already overcome so much. And had no idea what was going to be coming our way. And, we are together, smiling and hopeful.

We are still that. We have had wonderful blessings in 5 years, in spite of some painful challenges. As a little unit, we keep growing, moving forward and showing up. One day at a time.

To be honest, again – this was a reminder that I needed. We have come a long way. If I think about how I was feeling in 2014, there was so much guilt around making the decision to get divorced and the impact it was going to have on their lives. Looking at this picture, I also remembered a truth gem. When I was in the throws of the divorce, a wise woman told me that as long as there was one constant parent – the kids would be okay.

That is so true! Our family looks and moves the way it does, that’s right for us. And we are okay.

If this post does nothing else, let it encourage you to know that it will be okay.

Take it one day at a time. And be gentle with yourself as you do.

With love,


Everything will be okay!

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