Write it! Don’t just think it…

Today, feels calmer than the previous couple of days. As we, like everyone else, try and navigate this new reality. It feels like we have hit a stride. With managing the new way of doing school – particularly Matric and Grade 8. And finding a new way of co-parenting – that best supports the girls.

The thinking, however, has hit an all time high 🙂 I tend to get lost in my thoughts. Deep thinking everything my mind will wonder to. Whether it’s about us or others. And so this morning – I grabbed my journal and pen, and transferred! All those thoughts and emotions.

I have always been a sporadic ‘journaler’ (it’s a real word). Especially when it’s a significant time or event – then I’ll write about it. Since November 2019, I have been journaling more frequently. Intentionally. If not daily, then weekly.

It’s reminded me of how powerful the simple act of writing down your thoughts is. Not only is it a way to record your history, it can also help put experiences into context. It supports those moments of reflection too.

I find that it also gives me the freedom to ‘say’ the things I need to. To feel the things I need to. Which I may not always give myself permission to do with the demands of life.

During this uncertain and scary time – maybe the thing you need to do is write.

Grab a pen. Grab a book with blank pages. Decide on a regular time to write. Make it manageable. Try and find quiet moment. And just get going.

Remember – it’s not a thesis 🙂 There is no right or wrong way. There’s your way. As far as possible – try not to judge yourself while you’re writing.

There’s a wonderful line in Brene Brown’s Daring Greatly – ‘vulnerability sounds like truth and feels like courage‘. And I think it applies when we journal too.

I hope this encourages you, tribe,



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