About us

Welcome to Life with Little Girls!

A blog chronicling the paradoxical life of motherhood.

You’ll get to know me, Ray, and how I try daily – sometimes hourly – to raise my four daughters as a single Mom.

I hear your gasp. I get it. I gasp at that thought too!

Here, I’ll share our stories. I hope you’ll feel encouraged. That it makes you laugh, makes you cry (because we all need a good cry sometimes) and that it connects us, as parents doing our best in this tricky world.

What you’ll also learn about me is that I love words. Not just the talking kind. Some of my favourite words are ‘be gentle with yourself’, from Max Ehrmann’s Desiderata. I hold these words close to my heart. Because as I try to show up for my girls, one day at a time, I try and do that for myself too.

I hope our story will encourage you to do the same.

Join us!

God Bless,


Be gentle with yourself…